Thursday, April 21, 2011

Will tossing the Mattress Get Rid of the Bedbugs?

No. It is a myth that Bedbugs live in the mattress. They actually hide during th day in cracks and crevices around a room. At night they sense the heat of the human and crawl onto the bed by way of a bedside table or the legs of the bed or an adjacent wall. (bedbugs cannot fly or jump) Getting rid of the mattress will help if there have been eggs laid in it but that is not necessary. There are casings that can be put around the mattress that will seal in the bedbugs and prevent them from escaping if they do hatch. They will die in place. The real key to a successful bedbug treatment is not so much what you do as how you do it. knowledge of the typical places that a bedbug will hide is a must. A detailed attentive application of pesticide or extreme heat in these areas will go a long way toward total bedbug eradication.

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