Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ten Things You Can Do to Live Roach Free

It is true that roaches can be tough to get rid of. Some will say if the infestation is bad enough then being roach free is a hopeless prospect. That doesn't have to be the case.
Roaches carry more than 50 disease spreading pathogens including the salmonella bacteria, typhoid and E. coli. No one should have to live with roaches.
When treating a roach infestation, a good result depends on a good partnership between the pest control provider and the resident who lives with the roach infestation. There is much that can be done to insure a complete and lasting resolution to roach extermination. It is important to Keep in mind that roaches like any animal have predictable habits and tendencies. Knowing what these are and acting accordingly can go a long way toward getting the most out of your pest control treatment.
Roaches thrive in environments where conditions are just right. They love warmth,nooks and crannies to hide in, darkness, moisture and plenty of tasty morsels to feed on.If conditions where roaches thrive are made less than ideal you can increase the odds of success for the pest control provider and reduce the chances of a future infestation.
Here are ten important steps to take to live roach free.
1) Take away the roaches food and eliminate moisture. Roaches will eat any type of food that they can find but they are particularly fond of grease.
2) Check around for any pools or drips of grease that may have accumulated around your stove. If you find any, scrape the excess and use a heavy duty degreaser to eliminate all traces of grease.
3) Check behind and under all appliances, including the refrigerator and trash containers. Look for crumbs, spills or any other food residue and clean it thoroughly.
4) Store all food products in airtight plastic or glass containers or in the refrigerator.
5) Clean up spills immediately and never leave out glasses, cans or bottles that contain soda, juice or beer.
6) Check for leaks under the sink, or in water lines that lead to the refrigerator and repair any that are found.
Now that you've taken away their food and drink it's time to tackle the housing issue. Roaches are nocturnal creatures. They come out at night to mate and to search for food and water. During the day they hide in dark cracks and crevices. The more cracks and crevices there are, the more housing you are providing for the roaches.
An important step toward roach eviction is to declutter.
7) Eliminate piles, clear surfaces and keep everything up off of the floor.
8) Go through all of your belongings. If it is not currently useful, get rid of it. Get rid of your stuff and you'll get rid of the roaches that hide in it.
9) Inspect the premises for cracks in and around base boards, lighting fixtures and where the walls meet the floors. Neatly caulk all obvious cracks and crevices.Especially those that may lead to outside.
10) Consider a maintenance contract with a reputable pest control company.

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