Monday, April 18, 2011

South Jersey Pest Control Company Responds to Economic Down Turn

South Jersey Pest Control Company responds to the economy. Tom Murry of Cato Termite and Pest Control in Southern New Jersey stated recently that his company will embark on a massive pricing overhaul in response to recent economic down turns."Insects, rodents and wildlife don't stop invading properties just because a homeowner loses his job." says Tom Murry. Mr Murry maintains that while the average homeowner or renter has experienced an income reduction in the past few years, the need for pest control remains constant.As the owner of Cato Termite and Pest Control, Tom Murry has recognized the need to accommodate the decrease that many of his current and potential customers may be experiencing."It's our way of supporting the economy. If prices are too high for the average home owner than services can't be provided, money doesn't change hands and the economy remains stagnant." Mr Murry explains. "When we drop our prices, more people can afford our services, more money changes hands and the local economy has a chance to recover."

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