Monday, April 16, 2012

Carpenter Bees or Bumble bees?

Can you tell the difference between bumble bees  carpenter bees ? Bumble bees are usually seen around flowers or later in the summer in their nest. Male carpenter bees will be seen this time of year flying back and forth across the yard. Males have no stingers. It is the female that will sting in defense of her nest. Unless you get close to a nest you won't encounter a female.You can tell if you have bumble bees or carpenter bees by looking at them up close but I know you don't want to do that! So, quietly and calmly go out into your yard. Find a spot at a safe distance where you can observe the bees. See where they are going. Watch to see if they hover around any wooden structure such as a picnic table, deck, garage or wooden trim on your home. If they do, wait til the temperature cools down and they are not active then check the deck, table etc... for round holes the size of a nickle. If you find these holes then it is carpenter bees that you are dealing with It is best to have these bees treated. In time they can do a great amount of damage to a structure and they will return season after season after season growing larger in numbers each year.
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