Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Carpenter Bees why can't I get rid of them?

Carpenter bees are black and yellow bees similar to the bumble bee but about a half inch to an inch in size. We see them here in South Jersey in the spring on through to the early fall. They bore perfectly round holes the size of a nickle into wood on homes. They're usually active in the evenings. if you see carpenter bee activity during the day that is a sign of a larger colony. You can tell a male from a female because a male carpenter bee has a yellow face and a female will have a black face.The female carpenter bee will sting so it is wise to avoid all carpenter bees. Getting close enough to see the color of the face will put you at risk if you happen to bee confronted by a female.
People who have experienced a problem with this wood boring bee can tell you how frustrating getting rid of carpenter bees can be. Carpenter bees will drill into any wood that they can including siding, overhangs, desks, fences, window and door frames and even patio furniture! The longer you ignore a carpenter bee problem, the more difficult they'll be to get rid of. For more on the carpenter bee see Carpenter Bees

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