Thursday, February 3, 2011

Welcome to What's the Buzz with Pest Control

This blog is mainly to offer interesting facts about bugs and critters, to tell you when and why they make news and to inform home and business owners on how to keep their property pest free. 

Cato Termite and Pest Control is a family owned and operated exterminating company that provides pest control services to Southern New Jersey. We believe in educating our customers on an integrated approach to pest management. 

There is so much that a home or business owner can do to lessen the odds of infestation. Prevention is worth a pound of pest control treatments! Simple habits can go a long way in helping to keep an environment pest free. It's surprising sometimes what people don't know. For example keeping mulch and plant material a few feet away from the home can help prevent bugs from entering the home. 

Sounds obvious doesn't it? Not so much, next time you're out riding around, take a look at some random houses. Notice how many bushes, trees and flowers are planted right up next to the structure. Bugs eat plants, drink from plants and live on plants. If the plants are set back from your home then the bugs will be set back from your home. 
Logical right? 

Sure, but not the first thing that most people think of when they are in the landscaping planning stages. Many gardens have been laid out by builders and often bushes and trees are already in place when a home is purchased. If this was the case for you. You might consider transplanting the smaller plants so that they are set back at least 18 inches from the structure.

If larger trees or bushes are the problem be sure to cut away any branches that grow in the direction of the building.Check back soon for more useful tips. In the meantime read more steps that you can take to keep your environment pest free on our website  Click Here


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