Thursday, February 17, 2011

How does a pest control treatment effect my pet?

Understandably a lot of people are concerned about the safety of their pets during a pest control treatment.
The products that are approved for extermination of insects in the state of New Jersey, are safe on larger pets such as cats and dogs.But you will always want to follow precautionary measures when animals and small children are in proximity to pesticides. The time to be most careful of your pets is during the actual treatment. Never allow your dog or cat to make contact with an applied pesticide while it is still wet. Most pesticides are perfectly safe for exposure to animals and children once they have dried. If you have concerns about your pets or children it is a good idea to keep them outside, in another room or with a friend or neighbor during treatment.  If you have smaller pets such as hamsters, gerbils and birds they should absolutely be moved to a safe area while the treatment is taking place.
If you have a koi pond and you are receiving a yard spray or an outdoor perimeter spray be sure to inform your pest control professional of it's location in advance. He or she will want to be extra careful around this area so as not to over spray or spray in an area where run off will be a concern.Some chemicals breakdown at different rates than others and different pesticides are recommended for different uses, so you'll want to ask your pest control provider for the product safety information on the chemicals that will be used in your home. Be sure the instructions on the label are followed.
It is rare but possible for a small dog or kitten to experience harm from pesticides. If you should notice your pet acting lethargic after a pest control treatment call poison control or your local animal hospital immediately. you will want to have ready the exact name of the pesticide in question when you call.
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